The Cure of Simon’s Mother-in-Law (Luke 4:38, 39)

The Cure of Simon’s Mother-in-Law

38w After he left the synagogue, he entered the house of Simon.* Simon’s mother-in-law was afflicted with a severe fever, and they interceded with him about her

39 He stood over her, rebuked the fever, and it left her. She got up immediately and waited on them.

The actions in Simon’s house present several Christian models for us.  Notice that “they” (whoever they are) interceded with Jesus about the feverish mother-in-law.  They show us that we can pray for the needs of others and that Jesus responds to those intercessions.  Let’s also notice the mother-in-law’s reaction.  Her immediate response was to serve Jesus (and the others).

This reading illustrates for us that intercession and service are part of the Christian life.  It’s worth reading again, but this time image that you are a silent bystander in the house.  In your mind’s eye, watch how they approach Jesus on behalf of the mother-in-law; watch as he responds to them by moving to her and casts out the illness; watch as she gets up and serves them.  Keep this scene in mind as we read the next several pericopes.  We’ll come back to it.

But we can look further still.  This short pericope says something of our interaction with Christ too.  We are afflicted with the illness of sin and we need healing.  Jesus comes to us; we don’t need to search high and low looking for him.  Just like with Simon’s mother-in-law, he comes to meet us.  He cures us of our illness and we are immediately able to rise up.  Our appropriate response is to serve him.


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